Apparently, Oak Park, Forest Park and River Forest Don't Suck

Travel writer names town in the western burbs that don't suck. What do you think?

Well, yeah, I think we already knew that. That's why so many of us have decided to live here, right?

Apparently, travel writer Dave Seminara thinks so too. In a post on Gadling.com, he lists Oak Park and River Forest and two premiere suburbs of Chicago that have it going on... or in his words, "don't suck," at least.

"Travel writers don't spend much time waxing poetic on the joys of American suburbia—and for good reason," Seminara writes. "But Chicago is different... there are also a number of places that are brimming with character and things to do."

The writer also mentions he's lived in River Forest in the past—which probably helps. But in a list of the finest Chicago suburbs, how could they be left out?

See the full list of the top ten suburban Chicago communities that don't suck here.

Seminara cheats a bit by lumping Oak Park and River Forest together as one community, but he mentions the historic homes of Frank Lloyd Wright, the birthplace of Hemmingway and the ease of getting to downtown Chicago as reasons to live here.

Forest Park makes the list as an honorable mention too as a "town worth a visit," due to its many bars and a great St. Patrick's Day celebration. Hmm, what do you think of that Forest Park?

The downtown nightlife scene is a great reason to head to Forest Park, but I'd have to say there's a lot more reasons than just that. Just to name a few, let's also include all the great restaurants, cafes and boutiques as just as worthy as the bars.

So what do you think, Readers? What makes your community "not suck?" Tell us in Comments below!


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