"It Was A Lonely, Cold El Platform."

Readers who braved the freezing cold temps to make it into work today shared their tales of woe. Others just stayed home.

Freezing cold temps kept many people off the roads and out of the office today. Screenshot from Instagram.
Freezing cold temps kept many people off the roads and out of the office today. Screenshot from Instagram.
With today's temperatures hovering in the -14 range, and windchill factors making it feel like double that, Patch readers shared their pain and stories about whether or not they went to work today.

Others shared the misery of the cold. Several school districts canceled classes for today and tomorrow. What about your work? Do you have to go in no matter what? Or are you "calling in sick"?

Here are what some Patch Facebook readers throughout the region had to say about this frigid bone-chilling cold:

Skokie Patch:
  • Randi H. - Did not go in. Sent an E-mail last night which no one has answered because I think no one actually came in. Who knows. Don't care. They should have closed down our office in Skokie by email to everyone and said it is a snow Cold day.
  • David K. - Our office was closed today, maybe tomorrow
  • Greg S. - Glad I took the day off. Work at O'Hare
Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Patch:
  • Kristin G - Working at home...thank heavens. Almost had to go in. Internet was down in the Northmoor/south park area for a couple hours early this am.
Buffalo Grove Patch:
  • Michael Glaskin-Clay Hwy 83 was perfectly fine this morning. The road crews should be commended for their hard work. I arrived to work at normal time, the clinic is open as usual and clients this morning have arrived as scheduled without fuss or delay.
Oak Park-River Forest Patch:
  • Cher M. - Metra trains canceled like crazy. Gave up after an hour. It's too cold to be out at all.
  • Cathy R. - Heard buses and trains were delayed all over due to the weather. Much smarter to just call it a snow day.
  • Christine L. - It was a lonely, cold El platform.
Evanston Patch:
  • Shannon D - Beyond freezing
  • Sarah P - Been out shoveling--it's really bad.
  • Jason C - Eyes started freezing
  • Jason C - But manageable
  • Molly C - I put my hand on the brass handle of our screen door and it burned.
  • Lorrie M - Wasn't so bad, no traffic too!
  • Jennifer W - I was ok at Howard as long as I was able to stay out of the wind.


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