The Pride of the Internet: Oak Park's Real-Life "Cartman"

Photo of Oak Parker Chris Kuthill, dressed in South Park garb, surfaces online. He wonders what took so long.

Reddit basically exploded earlier this week after this photo of a real life Eric Cartman riding the CTA rails surfaced. 

Commenters wanted to know: Was this guy for real? Does he dress like this on purpose? Who is he? 

Thankfully, the intrepid geeks at the Onion's A.V. Club Chicago found him. And he's from right here in Oak Park. His name is Chris Kuthill, and yep, he's dressing like that on purpose, and has been doing so for awhile. And yep, he knows you're taking his picture with your smartphone. And yep, he's cool with that. Just ask. 

Wanna learn more about Kuthill? Follow his brand new Twitter account @CartmanIRL


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