Weather: Cold Snap Breaks Tomorrow

The temperature will get warmer this week, but not warm, according to the forecast. Snow is possible this weekend.

For those of us who shivered our way through the weekend, I've got some good news.

Our recent spell of single digit temperatures ends tomorrow, when they return to the upper 20s, according to weather.com. That's not exactly warm, but a forecast of 28 degrees for Wednesday is certainly better than the 8 degrees we're seeing today. 

It won't last long, though. The temperature is supposed to drop to the low 20s on Thursday. Friday's forecast calls for possible snow (I'll believe it when I see it) and a high of 28.

We could be back up into the 40s by early next week.

Various weather reports are reporting a 30 percent chance on Friday and over the weekend. The odds are increased for Wednesday, Jan. 30 next week to 60 percent, but I think that's getting a little ahead of ourselves.

The Chicago area has seen a record-breaking drought of snow this season. The Chicago Tribune reported on Jan. 18, that we've set yet another no snow record that was set way back in January 1899! As of this report, we've officially gone 330 days without an inch of snow.

As for snow this weekend, as I said before, I'll believe it when I see it. It's possible we could go a whole year without snow if we make it through the majority of February.

Tell us in comments if you're glad we've seen no snow this season. Do you relish not having to shovel out your car? Have you received fewer tickets this winter because snow-parking rules haven't gone into effect?


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