The Butler, Jobs: Lake Theatre Movie Times

Looking to see a movie? Here's the latest shows at Oak Park's Lake Theater, as well as other nearby theaters.

Looking to see a movie this weekend? If you're in the Oak Park area, check out Classic Cinemas' Lake Theater. 

Featuring a $6 matinee for shows before 6 p.m., a collection of movies that many national theater chains are playing and the old-timey experience of going to the movies, Lake Theater offers a lot to like. 

Playing this weekend (Aug. 23-25)    

Lee Daniels' The Butler (PG -13) stars Forest Whitaker as a White House butler that served eight presidents over three decades. I hope he at least got a raise after all that time. 

Blue Jasmine (PG-13) is Woody Allen's latest flick, and this one leaves New York for San Francisco as a socialite moves in with her sister after her life falls apart. 

Jobs (PG-13) might just be a sequel of The Odd Couple, wish Ashton Kutcher and Steve Jobs as the unlikely pairing. So, yeah, the genius behind Apple is played by Kelso.

Elysium (R)
stars Matt Damon in a futuristic class war. The effects look great and the story should be well done. From the director of District 9. 

The World's End (R) brings back the Shaun of the Dead crew for more laughs along a pub crawl. 

Planes (PG) is like Cars, but, um, with planes. Those Pixar folks sure are creative, aren't they? In 2D and 3D. 

We're the Millers (R) stars SNL veteran Jason Sudeikis as a small pot dealer whose job gets much bigger when he must assemble a fake family and smuggle weed across the border. His "wife" is a stripper played by Jennifer Aniston. Sounds dumb, but I will see this one.

More Movies

If you're looking for other movie times around Forest Park, Oak Park and River Forest, check out the Moviefone tool above to find local times of showings. Or click on the links below for more information:Where do you go to watch new movies? Do you go out or stay at home with web/streaming rentals? 


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