Writer Sought to Work in Ernest Hemingway's Birth Home

The Ernest Hemingway Foundation in Oak Park is accepting applications for an in-residence writer.

Aspiring writers have a chance to work where one of the best began: Ernest Hemingway's attic. 

The Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park created an in-residence writing program to which one person will be accepted, allowing him or her to spend the year writing in the attic of Hemingway's Victorian birth home in Oak Park. 

The Oak Park-based foundation promises "space and inspiration," two things writers need most to create great work, according to the foundation's website.

The attic of the home is being transformed into an office outfitted by Thomasville of Oakbrook and featuring its Hemingway Collection of furniture and décor.

Applications will be accepted through June 1, with the selection announced at the Hemingway Birthday Celebration July 21 in Oak Park. The start date will be determined by the writer and Foundation. Download the application here.

The chosen writer will be given use of the workspace for one year at no cost and in exchange will be asked to provide cultural programming such as lectures and workshops to the general public.

“The foundation’s mission is to honor Ernest Hemingway’s legacy through the promotion of thoughtful reading and writing,” Foundation Chairman John W. Berry said in the news release. "We see this opportunity as a way to connect that legacy to new and creative written expression."

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