Get Your Gator On With Shanahan's Shrimp and Alligator Fest This Weekend

Shanahan's restaurant in Forest Park hosts its Shrimp and Alligator Fest starting on Friday night and running through the weekend.

Ever eaten gator? It's actually quite delicious.

This is the weekend to give it a try, as hosts their Shrimp and Gator Fest starting tonight and running through the weekend.

You can get a real taste of the bayou with dishes like alligator etouffee, alligator rolls and gumbo. For those that don't feel up to feasting on an animal that could feast on you, there are plenty of shrimp-centric dishes on the menu as well, including a shrimp burger and the classic shrimp po-boy sandwich.

I caught up with Shanahan's bartender and server Kate Scotty about three hours after she'd had her first taste of gator meat.

"It's really good," Scotty said of the experience. "It has a flavor like chicken, but it's richer and meatier—more like veal."

Scotty suggests that if it's your first time too, to give these items a whirl:

"I would start with the alligator and andouille sausage soup," Scotty recommended. "The alligator roll is a great appetizer too and I would probably go with the alligator etouffee [for the main dish]."

You can put me down for one alligator po-boy, please.

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