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They're our friends and neighbors. Entrepreneurs. Advocates. New mothers. Old fathers. Community connectors. People with something to say.

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Since launching our "Local Voices" feature, we've had Oak Parkers and River Forest residents writing on a wide range of topics. Here's a handful of snippets from some of our better blog posts. If you're interested in blogging on Patch — or cross-posting your existing blog with us — simply submit an application by visiting this page and telling us a little about yourself.

 by Muriel Quinn, Sept. 28

It happened. It finally happened. One of our backyard chickens laid her first egg. We found it this afternoon.

by RockStar Ink, Oct. 11

Here is our mission: If you have ever wanted to know the real deal (unlike your tv shows) inside a tattoo or body modification establishment, its craziness, the dramas, the happy and sadness, wonderment and worry, the industry….we will offer you the inside line….

by Dave Biggus, Sept. 26

There’s also something to a “dad’s only” weekend with their kids! A diverse group for sure, we share a deep commitment to our children, and a desire to make the outdoor experience a part of their lives. It is a very positive rite of passage. There are two basic rules to camping: everyone helps set up the tent, and everyone helps with the meals. Other than that, look after one another, and you’re free to GO!

by Maria Onesto Moran, Nov. 29

The girls decided to paint the teen room at , a women's shelter in Oak Park. The troop recognized that Sarah's Inn is a place of comfort and safety, so they chose to use no-VOC and non-toxic paint.


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