It's Time for You to Start Blogging

There's never been a better time to blog on Patch. Here's why.

We love it local. We know you do, too.

For nearly two years, we've been working hard to build a local audience. And thanks to you, we've got it. You're contributing to the robust local events calendar and posting to the community announcements page.

And your blogs are taking off. We house them in a section called Local Voices, which makes perfect sense — it's all about local people writing about what matters to them. Here's a look at some of the hits:

  • The folks behind the ? Amazing work. They're contributing thoughtful, articulate posts as their group of northeast Oak Park neighbors leads the charge to create a food co-op.
  • Just yesterday, a neighborhood resident in River Forest railed , asking if their unused newspapers on the sidewalks should be considered litter.
  • When she finds the time — you know, because running a popular business and raising a newborn isn't enough work —
  • Opportunity Knocks president first with a touching post about ending the "R Word," and later with some great video highlights of the nonprofit's annual gala.
  • continues to inspire with her bi-weekly exercise tips and motivational techniques. It's hard not read these and get compelled to get out and get moving.
  • Pete Kowalczuk is, giving the boys of summer local exposure.
  • , dropping in once in a while to talk about the business of running a respected studio.

Pretty great, right? And those are just a handful of recent posts. Here's the best part — the Patch blogging platform is open for business, 24/7. All you need to do is visit this page, click "Post on Patch" and get rolling. Got a group that wants to contribute? We can make that happen, too. 


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