Illinois Sucks? We're No. 1 in Desire to Flee Our State

A Patch Poll: Do you want to leave? What's the worst thing about Illinois? Gallup says half of you want out.

Does it?
Does it?

By Dennis Robaugh

Half of Illinoisans say the great state of Illinois isn't so great.

So says Gallup in a new poll. Wonder why?

With George Ryan back home, Illinois only has one governor in prison now.

And a congressman.

Of course, we have a bounty of dimmer political lights in the clink, an assortment of councilmen, commissioners, comptrollers and the like, busted on various bribery and corruption charges. And a state representative may soon be headed there for his alleged fascination with kiddie porn.

Our temporary state income tax is bound to be made permanent. Our state pension funds are an underfunded mess. It's so cold here we jokingly called our homeland Chiberia. And it's so god-awful deadly in some parts of Chicago, people call the city Chiraq.

Actual democracy is non-existent in so many government bodies in Illinois, we practically have an army of mini-Putins running our state. And we have an elected person or board for everything — water, sewage, books, playgrounds, roads, fire, mosquitoes, crime, tax appeals, real estate, license plates ...

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We're probably going to put up $100 million of taxpayer money to lure the Barack Obama presidential library to Chicago — money our state doesn't have — making us the first state to put public funds toward a living ex-president's library and museum.

The business climate in Illinois is inhospitable. Unless you're a major corporation seeking a huge tax break.

On the other side of the ledger, Chicago is the funniest city in America (but only because we like to tell funny stories about our problems). We've got great museums and comedy clubs. And Lake Michigan. And wonderful parks and forests. The housing boom 20 years ago resulted in some of the most gorgeous dwellings and developments throughout Chicagoland (though a lot of them, far too many, went into foreclosure the last 10 years). We've got the Bears, the Blackhawks, the Bulls and the White Sox.

But we also have the Cubs. So it really feels like the scale is tilted heavily on the side of what's wrong and embarrassing about Illinois. Maybe that's why half of Illinoisans surveyed by Gallup say they want to leave the state — ranking No. 1 in America in the desire to flee. And 19 percent say they intend to leave within a year.

More than one of every four respondents cited work and business reasons for wanting to leave. Illinois ranked in the bottom three states in questions about work/business, state government and taxes.

The residents of Montana, Hawaii, Maine, Oregon, New Hampshire, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, South Dakota and Wyoming told the pollsters they were happy to stay.

Let's talk about that. Would you leave Illinois if you could? Where would you go?

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Dan Cox May 05, 2014 at 09:55 PM
Keep on electing fools like Rep. Scott Drury and Congressman Brad Schneider... the boys with no idea how to fix a sinking ship known as USS ILLINOIS. The League of Women Voters command you to support these Bozo's.
jack hess May 06, 2014 at 10:59 AM
Welcome to Crook County-Chicago. Our state has more convicted felons as legislators than any other state. We also need to get rid of township governments. It is a duplication of other county and state governments. To old school do some research on (George Soros ) No#1 in giving money to the most corrupt politicians. Both party love all the citizens divided so they can keep control. We the voter of Illinois are own worst enemies! Ask yourself, how would you like a full pension, for other working a part-time job! Citizens of Illinois do you know that all of our State legislators are part-time employee's ,also Crook County the Commissioners. They have other full time jobs that they will receive other pension. Look at Rep. Robert Rita who also is a supervisor for the Crook County Forest , he is also Supervisor of Calumet Township. He will be receiving muliple government pensions. Term limits sound great, but guess who Votes on THEM! Your Corrupt legislators. They will not put themselves out of a Job. Half of State Legislators couldn't find their way of a toilet stall.
Bill Durks May 06, 2014 at 06:51 PM
Did you go to school? You write like shit. If you went in IL, I guess you have a point.
JAY JAY May 07, 2014 at 05:39 PM
What the hell can you do about getting out of that Socialist Demo. controlled state? You're screwed, can't sell your home, if you could you'd take a $$$$$ beating. Jobs where, what state? Obama and his gang made sure to destroy the job market. Why you say, for dependency and votes. The parasite crowd will elect a Democrook from now on. Stay and pay through the nose .... Make up your mind to suffer forever. Illinois theme song Happiness loves misery !!!!! Hummmm along.
Rob Marquardt May 09, 2014 at 10:52 PM
Time to leave for sure now ... Its too bad I grew up here. Just paid a $275 fine for using a cell phone in my car while stopped in the car. Illinois is only interested in generating fees to keep its evil empire of robbery going. I'll move over the border and get a 5% pay raise, change all my LLC's out of the state, etc. Its really shameful and a complete joke. Even more insulting, many of the police and employees of the state are downright nasty and miserable people.


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