Hey Mom and Dad: What Holiday Traditions Did You Start With Your Kids?

Parents, Patch wants to hear from you on the questions that get families talking.

Welcome to Hey Mom and Dad—a weekly feature in which we ask our Facebook fans to share their views on parenting. Every week, we get the conversation started by taking a look back at a question we asked parents the week before on Patch Facebook pages from around the area.

Each family has their own special and unique holiday traditions—some have been passed down for generations, others have started in recent years.

What new holiday family traditions have you started with your kids?

Take a look at what people had to say and join the conversation in the comments section.

Leah Stanger: We make ornaments, cookies and go to the zoo for the lights. We also make a food tree with white pop corn and fruit loops and reindeer out of pretzels and houses out of gram crackers and candy . We love doing all our holiday traditions they make good memories for us and good things to pass down. — Burr Ridge Patch

Stacey Greenwood Poulter: We watch White Christmas, Christmas Vacation and Elf on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day is the Disney Parade. We also give and get a new ornament for the tree every year. It is a tradition my Grandmother started when I was an infant and we all enjoy it. My kids like looking back at the different themed ornaments and seeing how their interests have changed over the years. — Downers Grove Patch

Maureen Carlson: New toothbrushes in the stockings and Great grandma still gets everyone new underwear and I am 42. hated it as a kid but now I am like YES one less necessity I have to buy. — Downers Grove Patch

Cathy Fischer: We've celebrated St. Nick on Dec. 6th our whole life, but when I moved to IL, no one has heard of it! I still have our kids hang their stockings the night before awaiting his arrival. I think we may be the only ones in town that do it. LOL..I'm originally from Wisconsin and everyone I ever knew there does this(: We loved going to school asking each other what they got in theirs. — Downers Grove Patch

Cindy Karberg Lawn: We make cut out and decorate paperfoam Christmas trees to hang on our wall, we make lots of cookies, we put up a Christmas village with the "Christmas Story" leg lamp in the middle of it in the front window, and we go and cut down a live tree, how about you? — La Grange Patch

Debbie Noonan-Krueger: Whenever we went on vacation, or for a weekend away with the kids we would get a ornament from that place. When we put up the tree we have the memories of the places that we have been. I have now started this with our grandson. — Lemont Patch

Carla Marie Vasile: We take one Saturday in December and go driving around looking at all the houses and then go out to dinner and whatever family friendly movie is out. — Lemont Patch

Christine M Hogan: We did the same thing as Debbie. What ever place we were on vacation we would buy an ornament and when we saw that ornament we would tell stories about trip. — Lemont Patch

Lynnie Ley: wow, i grew up around here and we ALWAYS did st nicks...i remember when my kids were school age and we lived in an apartment, word got around quick and other families began doing that tradition, too...at least while they lived there. i think it depends on where in europe your ancestors came from, whether you celebrate st nicks or not. — Darien Patch

So what's your take? Tell us in the comments.


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