Note to OP Village Manager

I have lived in Oak Park for almost my entire life.  I have never seen the Downtown parking situation as bad as its current state!  Yes, it has been a tough winter, with lots of snow, but I would like to know why the piles of snow remain up and down Lake Street as well as Oak Park Avenue.  Who exactly came up with the idea of using the already short parking spaces to pile the snow.  Other communities go in late at night and clear the retail ares so people are not literally falling down to get to a meter!  This could be easily cleaned up at night, with a couple of front loaders.  I frequent the Oak Park & Lake are a couple of times each day always thinking..."they will clean this up tonight"!  Hasn't happened!  Our retail districts are reflecting just how much VOP cares about the retailers and their clients!  What a disaster!  Why? Why? Why?
patti February 16, 2014 at 09:12 AM
It is the same all over Chicago. Drive north on Ashland and it is life threatening because the cars parked along the road are two feet from the curb on both sides and yet people insist on making the street two lanes in each direction. And the side streets are worse. It is a mess. We just need spring.
patti February 18, 2014 at 09:02 AM
Why don't people clean their sidewalks? And the curb cuts are mountains of mess. It is as hard to walk as it is to park.


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