Understanding yourself

Ever think about happier times long ago? Sure you do. I'm talking about true memories that last a lifetime. It could be an eye opening vision. Perhaps a vibrant fragrance, maybe a melody that sticks in your head, or simply a heart stopping emotion. It became a magical moment. What ever it was, it always warms your heart and brings a smile to your face. It has to be very potent to last for decades.Normally, it's just a speck in time, soon forgotten. What truly makes a special moment, is when you realize, that others somehow completed the experience for you.  It's practically impossible to duplicate a self defining moment. Only in your mind, can you rekindle and relive what gives you substance and ignites your character and transcends your soul. It may only be inherent to your memory bank, but it's real riches, reside when you recognize, it is never solely solitary. Randy F. Gollay


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