What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Oh, I have my few - Patch wants to know yours.

Let's face it - who doesn't like to get scared out of your wits?

Well, it's not one of my favorite things (don't cue the Sound of Music - pleeze).

But every so often when one on my list comes on television, I'm not adverse to sitting down and just watching for the fun - or the terror -of it all.

These are classics - every one. And I've found I don't need a lot of gore to be scared. All are black and white - why? It lends to the aura and mystery of scariness. Two are silent films, and are horror masterpieces.

They're all available on DVD. Rent them and judge for yourself. No popcorn is necessary - but watch them if you dare!

Here we go.

1) The Haunting. This version starring Julie Harris, Claire Bloom and Russ Tamblyn, leaves everything to the imagination. Watch it with the lights out for the true effect.

2) Phantom of the Opera. Not the musical but the original, silent version with Lon Chaney. Also leaves everything to the imagination. 

3) Psycho. Not so much a horror film but creepy - I guess that qualifies. I read somewhere that Janet Leigh did not use a shower for a long time after making that film.

4) Diabolique. The original French version with Simone Signoret and Vera Clouzot. The wife of a cruel headmaster and his mistress conspire to kill him, but after the murder is committed, his body disappears and strange events begin. This is not so much a horror film but a masterpiece of suspense and terror. 

5) Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Oh this horror film is a true classic. Watch it and judge for yourself!

What are your favorites? Let us know.


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