POLL: Can Oak Park Support a Food Truck?

Your thoughts on food trucks....

The Oak Park Village Board on Monday discussed the possibility of quashing any new licenses for mobile food vendors.

Why? Officials say they've fielded some complaints that an ice cream truck was hanging around too long outside festivals and brick-and-mortar businesses. (The village code — Chapter 18-1-6 — says peddlers can't be parked on the same block for more than 30 minutes.)

Anyway, instead of putting a moratorium on new licenses, trustees said the village ought to do a better job of enforcing the rules of the four vendors operating around town, three ice cream trucks and a mobile coffee vendor that serves pastries.

In the meantime, village officials will be eyeing regulations in other municipalities to see how they handle the issue — because it seems inevitable that the food truck craze will work its way to Oak Park.

All of which got us thinking: Does Oak Park even need food trucks?

Sure, they're trendy. And often times tasty.

But are there enough people working in, walking around, or just visiting Oak Park to support such a business?


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