Sex Allegations Prompt Investigation Into Former Concordia Baseball Coach

In a letter from Concordia University's president, the school is investigating possible "inappropriate sexual conduct" by coach Spiro Lempesis.

More than two years ago, Concordia University fired longtime baseball coach Spiro Lempesis over allegations that he was involved in an incident of inappropriate sexual conduct.

On Wednesday, Oct. 24, university officials released a letter to students, faculty and local media announcing that they would conduct an independent investigation of the incident two years ago after the university recently learned that Lempesis had been arrested in a nearby county for alleged "inappropriate conduct with a high school-aged minor," John Johnson, Concordia's president wrote in the letter. No charges have been brought against Lempesis in this case.

See the letter from Concordia University's president in pictures above.

In the incident that Concordia is currently investigating, no minors were involved, Johnson said.

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Lempesis was fired in September 2010 from his position as head coach of the university’s baseball team after an employee at the school learned of the alleged misconduct by the coach. Johnson said that within hours of learning of the incident, Lempesis was suspended and barred from the campus.

Concordia launched a review immediately after the suspension to determine if the allegations had merit. Johnson said that this review, "determined that, indeed, [Lempesis'] conduct was both egregious and antithetical to the mission of the university."

He was fired days after.

When new allegations were brought to the university's attention recently by a local police officer, Johnson said the decision was made to engage former Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Collins, to conduct an independent investigation into the original allegations that surfaced in 2010.

The investigation will seek to determine the scope of the allegations and whether any further action is necessary.

Johnson said in his letter:

"I am announcing this action today because of the recent alleged incident involving the former head coach and our determination to contribute, in whatever way possible, to the continued well-being of the University and its surrounding communities. Our decision to commence an independent investigation may not only assist law enforcement, but will enable us to provide the necessary support for any individual who may have been impacted by the former Head Coach’s misconduct."

Johnson said no further details would be released at this time to keep the integrity of the investigation and to protect those involved. More information will be made available after the investigation in completed, which Collins expects to be before the end of the year.

Johnson said anyone with information that could help with the investigation should contact Patrick Collins of Perkins Coie at 312-324-8558 or pcollins@perkinscoie.com.


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