Man Accused of Video Taping Up Woman's Skirt at Whole Foods

The Oak Park man has been charged with taking video up a woman's skirt at the River Forest store. This is not the first time he's been charged with a similar offense.

Christopher Meyer | Photo credit: Oak Park Police Department
Christopher Meyer | Photo credit: Oak Park Police Department
Prosecutors have charged Christopher C. Meyer, 61, of Oak Park, with unauthorized video recording after they say he had a "pen camera" attached to his shoe, which he used to shoot video up a woman's skirt while in line at the River Forest Whole Foods, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The alleged incident took place in June, the article states, though he was charged on Saturday. The victim contacted police after reading a story about Meyer in relation to other, similar charges.

In a separate incident that Meyer has been previously charged with, he is accused of video taping up dresses at a Thursday Night Out in Oak Park in June. He was charged with that later in the month. 

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