Police Break Car Window to Arrest Hood Ornament Thief: River Forest Police Blotter

River Forest police reports, Dec. 24-29.


Woman Arrested for Driving With a Suspended License

Jeanette M. Conrad, 40, of Corydon, IN, was arrested and charged around 9 a.m. with driving with a suspended license, no insurance and no registration after police pulled over her vehicle near Chicago and William avenues for having expired registration. Police found that her Indiana driver's license was suspended and she was taken into custody. Conrad was later released after posting bond.

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Felony Charges for Driver With Revoked License

Police pulled over a driver with expired registration around 11:08 a.m. in the 7200 block of Lake and later found the man's license was revoked in 2002 for a DUI-related offense. Robert D. Lewis, of the 1300 block of north Horseman Street in Rockford, was arrested and charged with aggravated driving with a revoked license and driving with expired registration.


Christmas Burglary Results in $2,100 Loss

A resident of the 100 block of Thatcher reported that between 11:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve and 6 a.m. on Christmas Day, someone broke into their garage and entered their vehicle. Stolen was a Dell laptop computer, an iPod Touch and a set of Phillips headphones for an estimated loss of $2,100.


Man Arrested for Stealing Hood Ornaments Also Breaks Camera

Officers were called to the 7300 block of Lake Street after a citizen reported that a man was removing the hood ornaments on vehicles parked in the Town Center parking lot. Based on a description of the man provided by witnesses, officer stopped a man driving a silver Audi that was headed west in the 7500 block of Lake Street.

The driver, who was later identified as Brian C. Hahn, 32, of the 4000 block of Anna in Lyons, refused to open his car windows and put his car in park after he was pulled over. Police were forced to break the window of the car to arrest Hahn and take him into custody.

Police searched the car and found several hood ornaments inside. He was later charged at the station with theft and resisting arrest. While in custody, he scratched the camera lens that police use to monitor prisoners, police said, and he also was charged with criminal damage to property. Hahn was later released on bond and then transported to Loyola Hospital for mental health care at his request.

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