Police Clear Nearly 20 Burglaries With Arrest of Twins

Police report that with the arrest of two Juveniles from Chicago, they can clear nearly 20 open burglary cases in Oak Park.

Oak Park police reported Wednesday the arrest of two 16-year-olds from Chicago—twins—that could clear as many as 20 open burglary cases in Oak Park.

One of the two teens was charged with two counts of burglary and one count of attempted burglary, and was transported to a juvenile detention center. The other was charged with one count of attempted burglary, and later released to parents.

Although the two have not been charged with between 17-20 total burglaries that police believe they can connect them to, Investigations Commander LaDon Reynolds told Patch that their arrest will clear numerous open burglary cases that span from last summer.

The two teens were arrested separately in Chicago Jan. 28, but police said they got a break in the case back in August 2012.

On Aug. 17, while interviewing the victim of a residential burglary that occurred on August 16, an Oak Park police detective reported noticing three men attempting to break into the victim's garage. Police believed the three men were returning to commit another burglary at the location.

Two of the three juveniles were caught—but one was able to get away. Police said they were able to link the teen that got away to the Aug. 16 burglary, and said he had returned with two accomplices to burglarize the garage the next day.

Police were able to recover fingerprint evidence linking the third man to recent burglaries in the 400 block of south Austin Boulevard and the 100 block of north Lombard, along with his twin.

Police said they are still pursing leads, which may result in more arrests.

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