Chicago Teen Charged With Break-Ins at JJ Fish and Subway

Devon Lawery of Chicago was picked up Thursday at the office of his parole officer.

A 19-year-old from Chicago who had been out on probation for other offenses has been charged with four counts of burglary in connection with break-ins at two Forest Park restaurants, police said.

Devon Lawery, of the 4600 block of Monroe Street in Chicago, stands accused of two burglaries each at JJ Fish and Subway over three days, Dep. Chief Tom Aftanas said.

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The teen was picked up Thursday in the office of his probation officer. He is currently in the lockup at the Forest Park police station awaiting a bond hearing Saturday morning in Maybrook Court, Aftanas said.

Tips from Oak Park police and other sources linked Lawery to the Forest Park break-ins, police said.

During the first incident at Subway, 321 Harlem Ave., police said Lawery took an untold amount of money from the cash register. It was reported to police around 5:25 a.m., and when officers arrived on the scene, they found that the cash register was open with $150 inside and a tip jar undisturbed on the counter. Entry was gained by prying the lower half of the door with a pry-type tool, shattering the glass.

In the first incident at JJ Fish, 319 Harlem Ave., police said Lawery had entered the business through the roof. An untold amount of cash also was taken from the cash register during the incident, which was reported at 9:54 a.m. An employee called police after finding ceiling tiles on the floor in the dining room and light coming from the roof. The suspect left the business through the front door.

Then three days later, on Oct. 18, police said Lawery hit both businesses again.

At Subway, it appears nothing was taken during the incident, which was reported at 7:09 a.m.

About the same time police were at Subway, employees at JJ Fish said someone had left the store through a rear door and gone into the alley. The officer on the scene noticed broken ceiling tiles on the floor of the dining room and recalled that this was the same way someone had gotten into the business previously. Officers on the scene noticed that the suspect poured two bottles of juice in the hard drive of the security system to make it useless. A microwave was taken in that incident, police said. 

Lawery was connected to the burglaries because he had attempted to enter a bakery in Oak Park through the roof, a method of entry Aftanas described as unusual. During that incident, he was charged after he was spotted on the roof of Laury's Bakery, 12 Madison St., police said.

In his possession at the time of that arrest were a pair of gloves, a flashlight and a cutting tool police believe was used to cut a hole in the building’s roof. Lawery was also arrested on a Cook County warrant for criminal trespass to a residence.


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