Three Charged After Oak Park Drug Bust

Police say operation ran from Harrison Street apartment.

Three young men have been arrested after police broke up a drug operation headquartered in an Oak Park apartment, authorities said.

The bust took place Thursday in the 0-100 block of Harrison Street, where police say they learned a 17-year-old Pawel Borowski-Beszta was trying to run a coke and pot ring, one backed by firepower.

Recovered at the apartment were a .40-caliber handgun, ammunition and two safes containing 126 grams of marijuana, 29.7 grams of cocaine, $1,000 in cash, a money counting machine and scales.

The drugs were packaged for sale, police said.

Borowski-Beszta, of Oak Park, was charged with several drug and weapons felonies.

Two other men, brothers Ryan Reyes, 28, and Christopher Reyes, 23, were charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession in connection with the drug ring, police said.

While the bust took place in the younger Reyes' apartment, police say it was Borowski-Beszta — an occasional houseguest at the residence — running the show.

“Operations were conducted out of the apartment. Based on the investigation, all of the drugs were connected to [Borowski-Beszta],” Oak Park Police Cmdr. LaDon Reynolds said.

The trio appeared in Maybrook Court Monday for a bond hearing.

Also recovered at the apartment were more than 25 iPods and iPhones and 144 scientific calculators. Police are trying to find out who owns those devices.

Reynolds said he had no information about whether drugs from that apartment were sold in Chicago's Columbus Park, located just steps away from the apartment, but added that possession of drugs with intent to deliver near any park carries enhanced charges.

blurr August 08, 2011 at 11:12 PM
Dont really care about the qp of pot, but thank god they got the coke, guns, and thief/drug dealers out of oak park. /salute to the OPPD, for braving the obviously life threating task.


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