Guides To Voting For Judges In Tuesday's Primary

It's hard to know which judges are qualified and which are not. Use these bar association guides to help you decide. Download them on your smart phone and take them into the voting booth.

Many people who have been involved in court cases will tell you how important it is to elect good, qualified judges. In fact, the only defense the public has against unqualified judges is to vote them out of office.

But with so many judges on the ballot, how can a voter make intelligent choices?

Lawyers who work with judges on a regular basis have rated them in bar association guides, below. Some can even be downloaded on your smart phone; you can take them into the voting booth with you.

Chicago Bar Association guides.  You can download this to your smartphone, or get a pocket guide or regular-sized printout. 

The Vote for Judges.Org site includes a compilation of judicial evaluations by different bar associations and newspapers. It can be translated into Polish, Spanish and Russian. 

Illinois State Bar Association guide is broken down by counties. 


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