Meet the Neighbors: There's More to Maywood

Crime and corruption are often associated with our neighboring community to the west, but a video by Tom Kus, chairman of the Maywood Historic Preservation Commission, shows off some of the beautiful architecture in the village.

A reader sent in a video today that I'd like to share with our readers. The video was initially sent to WBEZ by Tom Kus, chairman of the Maywood Historic Preservation Commission, and published on the WBEZ site recently.

Maywood is often framed in the media by its crime, and as mentioned in the WBEZ article, the municipal mismanagement. But it's also an old community with a rich tradition of beautiful architecture—as highlighted in this piece.

Fans of Oak Park, River Forest and Forest Park's architecture will be interested by this video profiling some of Maywood's most famous homes in a variety of architectural styles.

My grandmother grew up in Maywood, and would frequently go to Oak Park on weekends with friends—often hanging out at Petersen's Ice Cream Parlour, I'm told. She's told me in the past about some of the beautiful homes in Maywood, so I was excited to get a chance to see some of them today. It's nice to see the commission working hard to preserve some of these gems.

Take a look.


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