Bruce Rauner Flips, Flops and Spins on Minimum Wage

Lower it, raise it, keep it the same — he's got all bases covered.

FLIP, FLOP, SPIN LIKE CRAZY Bruce Rauner is in a bona-fide pickle over minimum wage. In December he said he'd lower it, then he said he didn't really mean it, then he wrote in the Tribune that he wants to raise it, then came audio and video from September in which Rauner REALLY, REALLY didn't want to raise the minimum wage. His opponents are having a field day. Don't miss our summary of the first major dust-up of the 2014 campaign.   

FOOT-IN-MOUTH DISEASE Chicago Tribune cartoonist Scott Stantis sums up Rauner's minimum wage quandary in today's cartoon.

MORE FROM THE TRIBUNE Yesterday Rauner penned an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune explaining his views on the minimum wage. Today he and his evolving position on the minimum wage are the subject of its editorial. More here.

CHILLINOIS On the lighter side of the campaign, all five candidates stayed busy on Twitter during the Great Polar Vortex of 2014. But only one appeared to actually get out in the snow. Check our roundup here.

ZIP CODES AND EDUCATION Ever heard education reformers criticize Illinois as a state where a child's ZIP code determines the quality of education he or she receives? We've got two charts today that show why.

MOVING OUT Yesterday we showed you a map showing Illinois among the Midwest states with the least population growth in the last three years. Bill Bergman of Truth In Accounting has an explanation of why people are moving out of Illinois and into our neighboring states. He explains here.

HEADLINES Here are the top news stories in Illinois today:

  • 5. The number of Republicans running for U.S. Senate has been reduced to two. (Daily Herald)
    4. Video: The U.S. Attorney’s office is being hampered by budget cuts. (NBC Chicago)
    3. At least six Chicago Catholic schools will have to close their doors next year. (Chicago Tribune)
    2. Opinion: For all of Bruce Rauner’s stumbling around the minimum wage issue, he raises a legitimate point. (Chicago Tribune)
    1. A newly surfaced video shows Bruce Rauner “adamantly” against raising the minimum wage. (Chicago Sun-Times)


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