Your Study Guide for The GOP U.S. Senate Race

Award-winning journalists Matt Dietrich & Madeleine Doubek offer up the cheat sheet to break down the issues for you in the Illinois Republican U.S. Senate race.

Don't know much about Doug Truax? Don't know much about Jim Oberweis other than the ice cream and the fact he's been in Florida this past week? Then we've got the study guide for you.

We offer you a side-by-side rundown of where the major candidates stand on our key challenges. Health care changes? Balancing the budget? Immigration? Who stands with you?

Check out the Reboot Illinois one-stop, digital election scorecard for all the answers. Who wins your vote? Our scorecard will help you decide.

Eric Blair March 15, 2014 at 09:40 AM
Award winning journalist? Must be a joke. Their short list of the “issues” comes from the collective mind of a typical unthinking American. How about issues the controlled media prefers to ignore? Such as: NSA spying on American citizens. (and Congress) The disastrous foreign policy that makes new enemies for us daily. (Joe McCarthy was right) The treasonous relationship between NGO’s such as the CFR and “our” government. So called “Foreign Aid” which in truth is really a money laundering scheme and a RICO offense. Job killing “free trade” agreements. What’s their stand on the top secret TPP? The un-American misnamed Patriot Act. The revolving door between politicians and CEO’s of defense contractors from government positions to contractor positions back and forth, getting richer with every move. The out of control Gestapo government agency named “Homeland Security”. Abolish? The actions of the rouge agency called CIA. Just who does this criminal organization REALLY work for? Out of control Defense Department budget. Theft and waste numbering in the high billions to trillions. Criminal actions of Wall Street banks and the misnamed Federal Reserve. The executive branch assuming unconstitutional powers. Are these candidates going to look the other way until it’s their turn at president or reassert their rightful duties? I think we know the answer here.
Jan March 15, 2014 at 07:17 PM
It's a disaster on both sides of the aisle. "I will change__" Do they forget no one runs the show by themselves? They must think we really believe it cuz they keep saying it. Yeah, well, dead people have been elected, too. You may not like who's in office now, but that doesn't mean you should vote without doing your homework beyond all the campaign BS thrown at you.
Gary March 17, 2014 at 09:49 AM
@Eric, it takes time to fix the GOP mess


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