Patch Readers Remember Teacher and Baseball Coach Mike Amrhein

A collection of Mike Amrhein memories from our readers.

When teacher and baseball coach Mike Amrhein passed away at the age of 37 on July 5, many in the community shared with Patch their memories of Amrhein and the impact he had on their lives.

We've centralized those sentiments here to make it easier for people to find and we encourage our readers to continue to share memories of Amrhein in the comments section.

Amrhein was a graduate of Oak Park and River Forest High School. He attended the University of Notre Dame on a college scholarship, graduating in 1997. After graduation, he was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the tenth round and played six years in their minor league organization, eventually working his way up to AAA, according to Amrhein's profile on the Booster Club site.

Amrhein worked in the and was an assistant varsity baseball coach.

From our readers:

So young to leave his wife, family and career! Good coaches and mentors are hard to find, but God must have needed him more. Go Huskie! --Jolyn Crawford

It was an honor playing baseball under him for 2 years of my life. Words can not describe how much of an impact this man had on me and I will never forget that. RIP Coach "A"--Alex Rateike

He was easily one of the best coaches I have ever had. He is a man that will forever be in my memories for what he has done to impact my life on and off the field.--Brandon Bazeluk

He was single handily the best coach anyone could ever ask for. He really kept the team loose and when he told me that I was one of the most improved players he had ever seen and I should continue to walk on to play college ball and not let anyone told me no it had a huge impact on me and I will never forget him.--Bryan Mcsheffery

I had the pleasure for playing for Coach Amrhein during my senior year in 2007. Aside from being one of the most charismatic coaches I have ever had, he seemed to just have this aura about him. He was kind, genuine, and it was evident that he had the best of intentions. I am deeply saddened by this news and my heart goes out to the Amerhein family. I am appreciative for the opportunity for having known him and my deepest sincerity goes out to his family and friends. The world lost a great man. God bless.--Michael Stetzer

Our prayers are with his family at this very difficult time. I have not met a parent, co-worker or student that did not have anything but positive words to describe Coach Mike.--PAUL C.

I had Coach Amrhein as a coach and mentor during one year of baseball at DGN. His impact on my was much more than many of my coaches. His personality and the way he handled himself had a large impact on me. He was soft spoken, but his voice had heavy impact on those around him because we respected him and he respected us. We called him "Hammertime" because of the way his last name sounded and because he was super tough especially with a bat. He was a big tough dude, but he had the sensitivity of the kindest person you could imagine. When I think back on my short time with him, I picture him staring at me, which translates into him LISTENING to me/us and where we were coming from not trying to overpower us with his opinion or knowledge (which was immense). I also picture him laughing and having a great time amongst us as one of us (players/guys) not as an authority. I greatly miss him and send my thoughts out to his family and anyone else close to him. Rest in Power.--Tom Callahan

Wishing peace and warm memories to his family, his friends and the special needs students and athletes who were part of his life.--Holly Olmsted-Hickey

He taught me for three years at North. I will miss him terribly because he was one of the few who kept me on track in school to graduate.--Amy Johnson

I was the radio play-by-play broadcaster for DGN for 3 years, and anytime I called a baseball game, he was the best coach to talk to for information. Even if he didn't know an answer to something, he would try and figure it out. He was one of my favorite coaches to talk to. DGN is going to miss him.--Shane Gustafson

I'm utterly shocked by this news. I had the pleasure of playing for Coach Amrhein during my senior year in 2007. I will forever remember him as being one of the most charismatic coaches I've ever played for. You could sense his genuine nature by simply being in his presence. He was very kind and sincere. The world lost a great man and my condolences go out to the Amrhein family. I truly consider myself a better man for having the opportunity of knowing him. God bless.--Michael Stetzer

Mike was a dedicated employee, and always served as positive example to our students He was a wonderful leader to other staff members as well, excelling in every position he held at District 99.--Mark McDonald

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