WONDERWALL Music Shoppe & Emporium
Established in 2006 by husband and wife, Clar and GiGi Monaco.
WONDERWALL Music Shoppe & Emporium has become a shopping destination and one of the most unique stores in the Chicagoland area. An eclectic mix of Beatles collectibles ranging from coffee mugs to prints by international artists; from exotic Sitars from India to world-class ukuleles from Hawai'i; Belly Dancing accessories to hand-painted tambourine portraits of OPRAH, and The Beatles; all infused in a room full of dozens of Incense from India and Tibet. Oh yea, even a life-size Egyptian mummy case! You never know what or who you'll find - a group of ukulele players jamming, belly dancers dancing, an anxious Sitar student taking his/her first Sitar lesson there, a world famous poet like Ruth O'Callaghan from London, or world renown Beatles artist SHANNON who had her Chicago Premier art show at Wonderwall, or music icon Greg Hawkes of The Cars who came in 2009 during his Chicago tour with Todd Rundgren to 'jam on ukes' with the store owner and lucky customers and ended up buying a world-class Kamaka Pineapple Soprano Ukulele. Yep, you never know. More info: www.sitaremporium.com 'A Wondrous Place To Be'!
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